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Love Byron Bay creperie and chocolate boutique is dedicated to sourcing, creating and sharing a quality chocolate experience from Byron Bay, Australia. We'll cultivate your understanding of cocoa, stimulate the palate with a discerning appreciation, fire the imagination with unique chocolate encounters and share the passion for this legendary food of the gods. Exceptional chocolate infused with delicious flavours, irresistible aromatic characteristics and high quality cocoa. 


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Choc Travel : Kids dreams come true at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie

Alison Campbell

Thinking about heading south during the school holidays? Don’t go past this sweet new destination experience…..the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery on Victoria’s iconic Great Ocean Road.

Ian and Leanne Neeland had a Willy Wonka-like dream to build a chocolate factory…..and late last year they made every Aussie child’s dream come true, doing just that with their Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery.

The couple recognised a gap in the market in the wineries regions, and plugged it with chocolate. "They (wineries regions) already have a tourism component  … and already have people visiting them and there is a gap for family friendly attractions," Neeland says. "You can only take your kids to so many wineries." 

Around an hour from Melbourne, the chocolaterie has a firm family focus, so if you’ve got the kids in tow you’re in for a treat. Their weekly Junior Chocolatier classes – 45 minute hands on workshops for 6-12 year olds - also run right through the school holidays…little chef’s delight with their own hat and apron, graduation certificate plus take home chocolate creations.

And while the kids are knee deep in chocolate, big people can enjoy the myriad of free tastings, with over 250 milk, dark and white chocolate pastilles to choose from. The product range features ingredients hand picked from their own kitchen garden and emerging orchard. Their collection of over 7000 truffles uses cocoa sourced from eight different regions around the world. If that’s not enough to tempt you, they also offer free tastings from their extensive range of house made icecreams and sorbets.

What’s not to love?

The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery is open 7 days a week, every day except Christmas. So put it on your bucket list.



Choc Facts: 10 More Delicious Facts About Chocolate That You Probably Didn't Know

Alison Campbell

Ten more delicious facts about chocolate that you probably didn't know. Perfect dinner party fodder. 

11. The inventor of the chocolate chip cookie, Ruth Wakefield, sold her cookie recipe to Nestle in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate.

12. Ben & Jerry’s made the first cookie dough ice cream after receiving an anonymous suggestion on their flavor suggestion board in its Burlington, Vermont, shop.

13. There is a rare fourth kind of chocolate in addition to the classic milk, dark, and white varieties: blond chocolate.

14. The film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was financed by Quaker Oats to promote its new Wonka Bar candy. This is also why the film is called “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” instead of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” like the book it’s based on.

15. The first chocolate bar was invented in 1847 by Joseph Fry.

16. The chocolate industry is worth approximately $110 billion per year.

17. Milky Way candy bars are not named after the galaxy. The name came from the malted milkshakes whose flavor they originally intended to mimic.

18. In 1947 hundreds of Canadian kids went on strike and boycotted chocolate after the price of a chocolate bar jumped from 5 to 8 cents.

19. The largest chocolate bar ever weighed just over 12,770 pounds.

20. The most valuable chocolate bar in the world is a 100-year-old Cadbury’s chocolate bar that was brought along on Captain Robert Scott’s first Discovery Expedition to the Antarctic. It sold for $687 at auction in 2001.

Watch this space for more delicious facts next month. :)