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Love Byron Bay creperie and chocolate boutique is dedicated to sourcing, creating and sharing a quality chocolate experience from Byron Bay, Australia. We'll cultivate your understanding of cocoa, stimulate the palate with a discerning appreciation, fire the imagination with unique chocolate encounters and share the passion for this legendary food of the gods. Exceptional chocolate infused with delicious flavours, irresistible aromatic characteristics and high quality cocoa. 


Choc Recipes, Choc Facts, Choc Travels and our regular Chocoholic-not-so-Anonymous feature. All this and more in our weekly blog.

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Chocoholic not-so-anonymous #11

Alison Campbell

My name is Yvonne.
I am a chocoholic.


Are you inordinately fond of chocolate?  
YES! I loooooove high quality raw vegan chocolate... It is part of my daily ritual... it makes me feel happy, calm, nurtured and loved... you can almost always bribe me with chocolate. As long as it is organic, vegan, raw, and sustainable.  

Chocolate. Incentive or reward? Or both?  
Definitely both. I love to nurture my being with must be the magnesium and antioxidants, right? 

When did you know you were a chocoholic?
From the moment I was born! lol. Honestly, while all my friends wanted cheap ice creams and lollies, I was already grabbing for the expensive chocolate and ice cream. And the more I delve into chocolate the more I love true hand-made chocolate.

White, milk or dark?
Now only ever dark. Vegan. 
Sugar free, organic and sustainable. 

Describe your favourite chocolate in three words.... 
Silky, smooth, love.


Tell us about your most memorable chocolate experience?
I'll have to share two. 
Firstly, a chocolate fountain on our Valentine's wedding day. Oh my goodness...dunking fresh strawberries, raspberries and all the summer fruits in the world into running pouring was literally heaven on a stick. Maybe I was high from our day too? 
And secondly, being in the Caribbean and having the opportunity to taste organic chocolate straight from the pod. The sweet white slippery fruity delight encasing the bitter cacao nib within just like nature intended.. totally balanced. It was a very special moment.. and I so wish I could have brought a big pod back to Australia with me. 

Where is your favourite place to indulge your choc-habit?
Anywhere, anytime.
After Kundalini yoga there is nothing more special then a raw chocolate with Christmas spirit, or freshest peppermint oil in it. 
Or in the Love Byron Bay Crêperie and Chocolate Boutique for an indulgence and chat with Alison, Aaron or the other friendly staff! 

Secretly solo or shared indulgence?
When I am out I always share. And I am forever giving Chow Cacao as gifts to my Oil Tribe all over the globe. 
Even to strangers when I am in Love Byron Bay Crêperie and Chocolate Boutique. 
At home.. at night about 11pm... totally solo! Totally happy. Totally satiated. 

Top choice-choc destination?
I thought it was France. 
But after going there last year... I was a little disappointed. Too much sugar and dairy for me.
So, now... anywhere with special friends or loved ones. 

Favourite product in the Love Byron Bay chocolate range?
Chow Cacao by Trudy. Locally made by a gorgeous friend of ours! It is organic, raw, vegan, no processed sugars
and is filled with delicious organic fruits, nuts, and the best essential oils in the world. What else could you ask for? 

Yvonne~Ongkardev Tribe is an advocate for  
long life, health and happiness, a Kundalini yoga teacher
and an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.


Choc Boss: Brigid Woolnough, Kokopod

Alison Campbell

Specialising in hand-crafted chocolates, cakes and sweet treats, Kokopod Chocolate is fast becoming Brisbane's leading boutique chocolate brand. We chatted with Choc Boss, Brigid Woolnough. 

 What was your favorite chocolate treat as a child? 
We weren’t allowed chocolate regularly in our household.
We were lucky to have two squares on a Friday night and if we were REALLY lucky, we were allowed a whole row!
With this said, any chocolate was good enough at the time but my most favourite flavour was Black Forest. 

How did you end up becoming a chocolatier?
Whilst on maternity leave from my Primary teaching position, my keen interest paired with time enabled the inner chocolate obsession to emerge. Further training secured my passion which led to the decision to change careers. 

White, milk or dark?
Definitely Milk. 

Describe your favourite chocolate in three words….
Caramelised. Chocolate. Macadamias.
All my favourite things put together for the perfect balance of sweetness. 

Tell us about your most memorable chocolate experience?
Being invited over to Switzerland to work with some of the world’s leading chocolatier’s was pretty unforgettable (2015).
That and the chocolate fountain at my 21st birthday….hard to pick really! 

Where is your favourite place to indulge your choc-habit?
I really like to test new ideas at the factory and taste them at each step. This is far more satisfying to me than eating the end result. It’s all about the trial and process! 

Secretly solo or shared indulgence?
Absolutely shared. There is no point having something so good and not being able to talk to someone about it and share the moment of indulgence!

What's the most unusual chocolate you've ever tasted?
Once I tried chocolate coated green and pink peppercorns in Paris which was bizarre, and bacon/parmesan cheese chocolate almonds was a strange yet delicious combo. 

What is the mark of an exceptional chocolatier?
Patience. It takes a lot of energy to be content inside your own head when focusing on making chocolate. Patience always leads to a good result.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?
Giving something a go is easy but sticking to something is the challenge. If you’re determined enough to master an art, go for it! Personal growth makes life interesting and chocolate is the perfect mix of creativity, science and mathematical calculations.
Plus, who doesn’t want to eat chocolate for a job right?! 

Brigid Woolnough is chief chocolatier at Kokopod Artisan Chocolate.
Kokopod's delicous range is available from our Love Byron Bay Boutique,
or from our online store...