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Love Byron Bay creperie and chocolate boutique is dedicated to sourcing, creating and sharing a quality chocolate experience from Byron Bay, Australia. We'll cultivate your understanding of cocoa, stimulate the palate with a discerning appreciation, fire the imagination with unique chocolate encounters and share the passion for this legendary food of the gods. Exceptional chocolate infused with delicious flavours, irresistible aromatic characteristics and high quality cocoa. 


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Choc Travel : Lima, Peru

Alison Campbell

To the east of South America lies Peru, a nation offering diversity like few others. With the Andes mountain range running north to south and the amazon basin to the east, options for travellers include everything from mountaineering to the jungle ruins of Machu Picchu.

Once you’ve finished touring the epic landscape, there's always time to enjoy some sweet treats, so feast your eyes on two of Lima's finest.


Giovanna Maggiolo of Xocolatl

The first thing that will greet you when you walk into Giovanna’s shop Xocolati in Miraflores, Lima is the burst of colour!  Giovanna Maggiore uses Peruvian couverture and ingredients to create her unique bonbon and bar flavours. The fruit and nut bars are the smaller sized bars. The plain chocolate bars are larger. Both sets are colourfully wrapped. All are delicious and reflect Giovanna’s creativity.

The Fusion bar features a dark chocolate base flavoured with cocoa nibs, cherries, and watermelon! It's absolutely delicious and hits you with fresh flavours as opposed to the sickly sweetness you occasionally find with fruit-flavoured bars and confections. That freshness is something consistent with products of all of the Peruvian chocolatiers and chocolate makers. Because, for the most part, they are using cocoa and ingredients grown locally, freshness and intensity of flavour is what puts Peruvian chocolate out in front of most others.

Roselen Chocolatier

When graphic art meets chocolate, you know you’re in for a treat. Elena Basagoitia Villavicencio started her chocolate company back in 2003 from her home in Surco, located in the south end of Lima. Her handsome son, Giorgio Demarini Basagoitia, is trained in graphic design, and uses his artistic talent to design Roselen’s colourful packaging and handpaint all of their chocolates. You almost hate to eat them as they’re so beautiful, but believe me, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to try the delectable flavours Giorgio and  Elena have come up with. The Guinness truffle rolled in crushed maca (a Peruvian potato popular in the Andes culture) is just an example of the creative flavour palette you can enjoy from Roselen. They use couverture from Orquidea. Roselen uses three different kinds of organic chocolate to make 30 different unique flavour combinations in small batches that you can order online and have hand-delivered if you live in Lima.

if you can’t get to Lima anytime soon, it’s good to know that Willie's Cacao, the British bean-to-bar chocolate made from Peruvian cacao, is available in the Love Byron Bay Crêperie and Chocolate Boutique.