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Choc Travel : Spend a day as a chocolatier

Alison Campbell

“Oh, these hand-dipped pralines? I made them myself.” Have your ever wanted to learn how? Our dear friend, chef and caterer Campbell Rowe from Forage and Graze had the time of his life last week at the Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School in Melbourne. So did his wife Rachel when Cam came home with a box full of his own chocolate creations. :) We chatted with Campbell, who gave us the low down on all things 'Level 1 Chocolates and Pralines'.

Why did you decide to do the Savour chocolate course?
As a trained chef I felt like I needed more of a depth of understanding of how chocolate behaves, how it works. I wanted to broaden the range of chocolate desserts and sweet treats we offer to our clients.

Were all the people who attended the course professionals?
No. Only two or three of the fifteen people attending.

What did you learn?
We learnt how to temper chocolate, we learnt how to make temper chocolate fillings, salted caramel and pralines. We learnt how to mould and shape chocolates. How to dip them. How to lay images onto chocolate.

Do you need to buy any special equipment to make chocolate at home?
Yes. To set up a basic home kit, plus buying a stash of a good quality chocolate, would be around $300-$400.

Did you love the course?
Oh yeah, it was brilliant. There’s a great satisfaction in understanding how chocolate behaves when it cools and warms and knowing how to tend to it, to keep it at a working temperature. All the new skills that I learnt.

Could anyone do it?
For sure. Anyone could do the course, there were plenty of novices who did. It was a lot of fun.

Thanks to Cam from Forage & Graze.
Sounds like a great excuse for a foodie weekend in Melbourne sometime very soon. :)
You too can learn to create stunning moulded and hand-dipped chocolates at the Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School.
Just go to their website for more info.

Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School
22 Wilson Avenue, Brunswick
Melbourne, Victoria